Stockbroker, Investor, and Author

Wyckoff Analytics is operated by Wyckoff Associates, LLC. The team consists of dedicated, well-rounded, experienced, and educated experts who are focused on helping you master the Wyckoff Method. 

Wyckoff Analytics provides an exciting instructional approach to increasing your trading earnings via a series of interactive webinars based on the pioneering market insights of famous trader and educator, Richard D. Wyckoff. Many successful professional traders utilize the Wyckoff Method to scan price bars and volume to deduce the intentions of huge institutions (“the smart money”), allowing them to predict (and profit from!) future price movement.

Students and graduates use the Wyckoff Method to trade stocks, options, ETFs, commodities futures contracts, E-minis, currencies, and cryptocurrencies, proving that this technique to spot the trademarks and directional bias of institutional trading works in all freely traded markets.

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