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Option Pit Master Class Volatility by Option Pit shows you that even in the most volatile situation, we still have a way to deal with the market and survive.

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Course Overview

Option Pit Master Class Volatility by Option Pit offers numerous sessions that provide a learning environment related to options trading based on volatility trading that is opening new doors and leading traders to success in the options market.


Option Pit Master Class Volatility by Option Pit helps traders to think like a pro while dealing with volatility trading and works as a professional VIX trader in the complicated options trading market.


Course Outline

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  • Volatility-Master-Class-2.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-3.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-4.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-5.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-6.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-7.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-8.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-9.pptx
  • Volatility-Master-Class-10.pptx
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  • Vol-Weighting-MC-01242017.xlsx
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What Will You Learn?

  • Thinking like a pro while dealing with volatility
  • Strategies regarding realized priced volatility and its outcomes
  • Optimizing option terms for volume trades and the proper use of Vega as an asset
  • Learning VIX basics and its uses for trading
  • Creating and optimizing volatility-based trades in VIX and ETP
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Option Pit Master Class Volatility by Option Pit takes on volatility – a topic that traders at any level should learn to deal with, sooner or later.


Option Pit

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