The Ultimate Trading Solution – Kim Reilly

The Ultimate Trading Solution by Kim Reilly includes all the rules, strategies, hints, tips and tricks, added all the feedback from traders.

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Course Overview

The Ultimate Trading Solution by Kim Reilly is designed to give you a raw plan for your voyage, it is not the be all and end all and it is certainly not the ‘holy grail.’ The Ultimate Trading Solution DVD Program includes all the rules, strategies, hints, tips and tricks, added all the feedback from traders and would-be traders and put them all together in this 8 DVD.

Course Outline

Course Includes:

  • 310 page workbook
  • 28 Diagrams and exercises
  • Monthly Trade Review
  • 28 Minute Bourse Data Tutorial
  • 75 Real Trading Examples and Charts
  • 99 Fully indexed video trading tutorials
  • Trading tools & resources to assist yousuch as Option Expiry Dates and Trading Spreadsheets
  • ASX Understanding Options PDF Booklet

Part 1 – Introduction To Options Trading

  • Simplifying the Market
  • All Ordinaries Index
  • Importance Of A Plan
  • The Power Of Leverage
  • Understanding Options

Part 2 – Options Basics and Technical Analysis

  • Premiums
  • Strike Prices
  • Time Value
  • Greeks
  • Open Interest
  • Types Of Analysis

Part 3 – Reading The Charts

  • Types Of Charts
  • Open and Close
  • Northern and Southern Days
  • East Side Days
  • Trend Analysis

Part 4 – Patterns and Trends

  • Consolidation and Backing Patterns
  • Validation Levels and Channels
  • Double Tops and Double Bottoms
  • Time Considerations

Part 5 – Defining Trading Signals

  • The Bulls and the Bears
  • Chart Setups
  • Entry Signals
  • Volume

Part 6 – Technical Indicators

  • RSI
  • Volatility
  • Bollinger Bands

Part 7 – Trading Simulation

  • Market Simulation
  • Before committing

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand exactly how the market works, what effects the markets movements and how you can use this information to make profits
  • What is the All Ordinaries Index that you hear so much about on the news, and market reports, What it means to your trading and how to use it to enhance your trading
  • Learn The Importance Of A Plan—If you Fail to Plan, you are Planning to Fail, Nothing is more true, especially to a trader
  • Understand how to take advantage of the massive Leverage that Options can provide, while helping to reduce your risk.
  • Learn completely every aspect of Options, and how to use them effectively.
  • Discover how Options are priced, and how to make sure your not paying too much.
  • Learn the Importance of timing to your options trading, ignoring these rules can be catastrophic to your trading capital.
  • Delta, Gamma, Theta, Discover the Greeks of Options, and how to use them to give yourself an edge in the market.
  • Find out what Open Interest is, and how if NOT used effectively it can leave you stuck in a position that you would rather not be in.
  • Fully understand the different types of analyses that is available to you, and which one you will be using.
  • You’ll find out about the different types of charts Kim uses to make his trading decisions.
  • A quick and easy way to tell if a share in likely to continue in the same direction in the short term.
  • Learn the best times to do nothing, and sit out of the market.
  • You have heard the Golden Rule is “Always Trade With The Trend.” Find out the Surprisingly simple way to tell which way a stock is trending.
  • Time tested Price Patterns and how to recognise them.
  • How to tell when a stock is in a channel and how to position your trades.
  • Learn a hundred year old method for picking major Market Swings.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts, which ones to look at and base your decisions off.
  • Demystify some of the Jargon used by Market Professionals.
  • How to read your charts so you know exactly when a trade is about to break.
  • The exact entry signals that Kim uses to trade.
  • The Valuable insight that Volume can give you when making your trades.
  • Learn all about the Relative Strength Index and how I use it to confirm my trades.
  • Using Bollinger Bands to determine how far a stock is likely to move.
  • Before committing a cent to the market, take the market simulation and get real feedback on your understanding of the rules and principals presented.
  • By analysing Gaps, you will be able to tell the difference between a Market Breakout or an exhaustion gap.
  • Money Management, Money Management, Money Management! Perhaps the most important part of any trader’s toolbox.
  • How to place your orders, learn exactly what to say to your broker, so you can both understand what you are doing.
  • As well as tons of tips and tricks that come only with years of experience in trading.

Who Is This Course For?

The Ultimate Trading Solution by Kim Reilly is for tradersin options trading with his simple options trading techniques.



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