Sheridan Options Mentoring – “Battle Tested” SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course

“Battle Tested” SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course by Sheridan Options Mentoring instructs powerful techniques and proven strategies to earn higher profits from your options trading.

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Course Overview

“Battle Tested” SPX 15-Day Calendar On-Demand Short Course by Sheridan Options Mentoring provides more than 50 slide PowerPoint documents and over 2 hours of video instructions. So, you can enjoy learning at your own pace.

The step-by-step guidelines are combined with the illustrations of case studies for practical insights. The course shares striking approaches to techniques and strategies for the consistency of profitability.

Options trading has been one of the most lucrative trading markets but also has high risks. In this course, you will learn the most comprehensive guideline on technical analysis for feasible strategies to maintain consistent profitability amid the highly volatile market.

Course Outline

  • Calendar Trade: What it is and how you make money?
  • Greeks of the Calendar Trade.
  • Why SPX is a good vehicle? How about SPY?
  • Dynamics of the SPX 15-Day Calendar.
  • Dynamics of a Thursday Calendar.
  • Probabilities of the Trade & Expected Move.
  • How long to stay in the Trade.
  • Width of the Calendar.
  • Calls or Puts.
  • Criteria whether to enter a calendar or not.
  • Setup of Calendar.
  • Profit Target.
  • Maximum Loss.
  • When to adjust on upside and downside.
  • Adjustment philosophy.
  • Execution and exit strategies for this trade.
  • Adjustments for this 15-day calendar.
  • Maximum adjustments one would make.
  • VIX considerations with this trade.
  • Contract size and Capital Allocation.
  • 15-Day SPX Calendar Plan moving forward with a six-month plan.

What Will You Learn?

  • Instructions on the Calendar Trade.
  • How To Leverage the Greeks of the Calendar Trade for a better understanding of the trading market trends.
  • Illuminating insights into SPX vehicle and SPY.
  • Guidelines on the SPX 15-Day Calendar.
  • Insights into a Thursday Calendar.
  • How to project the upcoming market trends and movements for higher profitability.
  • Deep dives into the width of the calendar for the appropriate actions of calling and putting.
  • How to get the timing of entering/exiting the options trading market.
  • How to adjust your trades for the protection of your profits or capturing phenomenal growth.
  • How to scale up your trading account.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

The course will be a great support for all options traders who would love to take their trading skills to another level!



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