AstroTrader Time and Price Wheel 1.0

AstroTrader Time and Price Wheel 1.0 is a trading school that teaches not only how to forecast using safe astrological methods, but also how to enter, exit, manage risk, and everything else in between that is necessary to regularly take money out of the markets.

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Earik Beann, Wave59
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

Astrology in general is not looked upon fondly in modern society. It is labeled as superstitious, unscientific, and relegated to the back page of newspapers next to the comics. However, many traders, including myself, use astrology to time markets with very high success. In many cases, it is possible to know when a turning point will occur in the market down to the exact minute when using appropriate techniques. The reason I say “appropriate” is that most of the techniques used by professional astro traders tend to be quite a bit different from what you’ll find in an introductory astrology book at your local bookstore.

AstroTrader Time and Price Wheel 1.0 is a trading course designed to show not only how to forecast using guarded astrological methods, but how to enter, how to exit, how to manage risk, and everything else in between that is required in order to take money out of the markets consistently. The methods are inherently very simple and easy to apply, but at the same time are incredibly powerful. Two primary tools are used for signals, one for daily charts, and one for intraday.

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Astrology
  • Chapter 3: The Basics
  • Chapter 4: The Daily System
  • Chapter 5: Intraday Astro
  • Chapter 6: The Energy Model
  • Chapter 7: Measuring Energy
  • Chapter 8: How to Enter
  • Chapter 9: How to Exit
  • Chapter 10: Position Sizing
  • Chapter 11: The Immeasurables
  • Chapter 12: Conclusion and Next Steps

What Will You Learn?

  • A complete method, and covers everything you need to know including entries, exits, stops, money management, position sizing, and discipline.
  • A complete physical model is presented that describes how planets affect traders
  • Scientific evidence exists to support financial astrology
  • The role of psychology and discipline in trading, including the most common pitfalls for new traders.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone who is seeking to take their trading to a higher level.


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