P&L Accumulation Distribution – Charles Drummond

P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond addresses support and resistance in the market trends. So, you can have a proactive role in strategy development and application.

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Course Overview

P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond highlights how to leverage insights into support and resistance in market trends for higher profit earnings. A comprehensive walkthrough and practical examples are what you can expect from this course. Yet, it is not theoretical but full of practical applications through real case studies and examples.


Course Outline

  • Mental Discipline.
  • Knowing when to trade and when not to trade.
  • Identifying and Monitoring the 3 Primary Ways in Which Support/Resistance Breaks Down.
  • Identifying Accumulation and Distribution.


What Will You Learn?

  • Coherent instructions on effective techniques and strategies based on powerful technical analysis.
  • The best practices and common mistakes are under the spotlight so that you can grab timing chances for profits and avoid pitfalls.
  • Deep dives into accumulation and distribution bring clarity to the applications of these techniques.


Who Is This Course For?

P&L Accumulation Distribution by Charles Drummond is for every trader at all levels to upgrade their trading knowledge and skills. There are practical aspects addressed in the course for you to better understand the market moves.



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