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The TFDW Bundle is a comprehensive course of forex trading. It includes complete guidelines on essential techniques, tools, risk management, etc. Also, you can learn all these theories with real case studies and examples.

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Course Overview

Building a firm foundation is a must for every long-term trader. You cannot level up your trading on loose ground. If you are looking for a set of tools to help you start from scratch, The TFDW Bundle is among the best options available on the market. This package will provide you with all the tools you need to capitalize on market manipulation and get sniper precision in your entries.

Course Outline

  • The Fanatic Way
      • Introduction
      • Risk and Money Management Masterclass
      • Price action, Market Structure, and Trend Identification Masterclass
      • Market Patterns and Formations
      • Candlestick Formations
      • Trading Timeframes
      • Journaling
      • Final Notes
      • TFW 2.0 Strategy
  • DW Manipulation Trading
    • Introduction
    • The Toolbox
    • Application
    • The First TFDW Bootcamps – Foundational Knowledge
    • The Second TFDW Bootcamps – Advanced Knowledge
    • Trade Explanations
    • DW 2.0
    • Case Studies

What Will You Learn?

  • Professional Risk and Money Management come along with the knowledge about Personal Finance insights. So, you can set up realistic trading goals and effective action plans.
  • You can also take glimpses into the market structure and spot signals of market trends. So, you can take timely actions to save you from big losses and catch up with opportune trades.
  • Access to systematic market analysis is open so you can effectively manage databases and reduce errors.
  • The tried-and-true strategies and powerful tools are what you can expect from the course. As a result, you can upgrade your techniques and knowledge.

Who Is This Course For?

DW Manipulation Trading builds a strong foundation, in terms of techniques, tools, proven frameworks, etc. So, it is for forex trading beginners.

The Fanatic Way provides a comprehensive walkthrough of risk management for forex traders. It is much more suitable for those who have traded forex for a while!

In a nutshell, the combination of the two courses above makes the TFDW Bundle ideal for forex traders at all levels.



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