Trading Fanatic by Iliya Sivkov

Currency Trader, Investor, Entrepreneur

Many traders’ trading experiences have been altered by Trading Fanatic. Trading Fanatic was founded by Iliya Sivkov, a motivated entrepreneur who has already run two online and one physical enterprises. He has been trading the Forex market for four years, and it gives him funds to actively participate in the stock market, where he is accumulating wealth and passive income.

The founder of Trading Fanatic has a strong desire to assist and educate other prospective traders. In his Forex career, he has gone a long and tough way, and he has made it his mission to help as many traders as possible avoid the difficult route since he understands how stressful and demoralizing it can be.

Trading Fanatic has cleared so many things and enhanced trading thought process, psychology, and trader confidence by offering countless courses and webinars. Traders truly think that anybody who joins our group will gain a new view on the market. Traders who join Trading Fanatic may learn how to understand price action and market structure on shorter timeframes. The mentor is a really modest and friendly individual with whom you can always contact in the community and in DM.

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