The Options Metamorphosis. Options Trading Strategies – Charles Cottle

The Options Metamorphosis. Options Trading Strategies by Charles Cottle describes the link between all options accessible to an investor or trader while initiating, adjusting, or liquidating a position.

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Charles Cottle, Ri$kDoctor
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

This is the second options trading class in RiskDoctor’s Beginner Options Strategist Series. The Options Metamorphosis & Options Trading Strategies picks up where foundations of options leaves off.

This two hour video course is based on Charles Cottle’s book, “Options Trading: The Hidden Reality? in Chapter 2, “A JUST CAUSE FOR ADJUSTMENTS?. The Options Metamorphosis course has achieved the highest accolades from beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Many simply said “it was this course that finally made the lights come on for me?

Options Metamorphosis explains the relationship between all choices available to an investor or trader, for the purpose of opening a position, making an adjustment or liquidating a position.

Course Outline

  • Metamorphosis 1
  • Metamorphosis 2
  • Metamorphosis 3
  • Metamorphosis 4

What Will You Learn?

  • Discover the risk reversal options trading strategy.
  • Discover the iron butterfly options trading strategy.
  • Discover the strangle options trading strategy
  • Discover the collar options trading strategy
  • Live trading on a variety of option trading strategies.
  • How to determine which option contracts to trade and how to trade them
  • How to apply what you’ve learned to produce a steady income from home
  • Using options trading, you may significantly minimize risk while increasing returns.
  • Get paid in advance for completing option transactions.
  • Complex options trading methods are the finest approach to organize a deal.
  • A simple method for calculating your chances of success in options trading.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone interested in earning an extra income at home.
  • Anyone who is willing to dedicate some time and discipline to learning the strategy.


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