Indicators By RJay (Ninjatrader chart)

The Banker’s Edge Webinar & Extras course focuses on delivering an appropriate stop on every trade that is both relatively close by and far enough away to offer the transaction a high probability of success. No two transactions are the same, and traders are required to adapt the best profit-taking technique for the specific trade.

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Indicators By RJay (Ninjatrader chart) Description

There has always been debate among traders about whether or not to utilize indicators in trading. Some traders believe they work and mostly employ them to profit. When you look at their trading platform history, you can see that they actually created it employing indicators. In this course, the trainer will teach the most common indications in such a simple and straightforward manner that even novices may utilize and comprehend the ideas of indicators in their trading.

Indicators are mostly used to help traders decide whether to take a short or long position. So, after completing the course, you will have the opportunity to have a better situation or possibility in addition to knowledge of trends, candlestick, support, resistance, and so on.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • Trading Volume Indicator in On-Balance Volume Indicator How can we trade with the Divergence of the On-Balance Volume indicator?
  • How does the Moving Average Indicator work? What are the most essential Moving Average lines?
  • How can we employ the RSI Indicator? What is RSI Divergence?
  • How may the Stochastic Oscillator Indicator be used? What is the Stochastic Oscillator Indicator Divergence?
  • How can we apply the MACD Indicator? What is MACD Divergence?
  • The ability to adapt the best profit-taking strategy for the specific trade.


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