The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual Course – Ken Roberts

Roberts was once one of the world’s most successful traders and shares his wisdom with you in an easy to follow digestible, yet potent, digestible learning tool that will transform your trading life, via the The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual Course.

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Ken Roberts
MS Financial Trading

The World’s Most Powerful Money Manual Course by Ken Roberts Description

Ken Roberts was formerly one of the world’s most successful traders. He has condensed simple ideas from his experiences, which he tries to teach. He is humorous but tough minded as he badgers you into success, and his timing charts (not excessively complicated) are a much advanced cry from “go long, go short and hope”. His is not the final word, but it is a very intriguing and informative start. And it is potent.

Here are what you get from the book:

  • Learn what the ideal attitude is for day trading and how to create it.
  • Learn the most crucial golden rule for day trading and never stray from it.
  • Learn how to recognize patterns scientifically while minimizing subjectivity in personal judgment.
  • Learn how to spot and analyze momentum, as well as predict whether a trend will terminate or continue.
  • Learn when to reduce losses, take profits, or hold current holdings.


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