The New Mastery Series – Tradesmartu

The New Mastery Series – Tradesmartu provides users with a series of recorded live webinars to help them refine their trading skill to achieve huge success as Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, John Grisham and Oprah Winfrey do.

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Course overview

The New Mastery Series – Tradesmartu is designed to help ambitious traders move to the next level in specific concentrated areas of study. Each of these “master classes” are a natural addition to the successful trader’s training and growth. Each class offers a deeper level of study into subjects in which most students are already familiar, with deeper insight into how to turn those ideas into extreme profits.

This course is designed for Stock Trading and Options Trading.

Course Outline

  • A series of recorded live teaching
  • Detailed workbook for each session


What will you learn?

  • Stop the madness
  • Volatility tax
  • Strangle your options, not your broker
  • How to find and rate significant gaps
  • Unpacking the effective trading loop
  • And far more!

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for traders who are looking to master their trading skills in stocks and options.



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