Trade Tops & Bottoms – Dr. Gary Dayton

Trade Tops & Bottoms – Dr. Gary Dayton teaches you the ability to know when a market has bottomed and topped like a professional trader. After all, this is the location for maximal profits.

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Dr. Gary Dayton
MS Forex

Course overview

Trade Tops & Bottoms – Dr. Gary Dayton uses a combination of higher and lower time frames together with reading tops & bottoms to create some powerful trades. With this course, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and ability to understand market tops and bottoms.

This course is designed for Forex, Stock Trading, and other major markets.

Course Outline

  • Two hours of detailed review with numerous charts
  • A conceptual model of tops and bottoms
  • Specific Entry techniques


What will you learn?

  • Understanding protracted tops and the characteristics of secondary distribution
  • Reading the chart for accumulation and what it looks like—this alone will keep you from holding onto short trades or going short at the wrong time
  • Likely areas a market will turn
  • How to read tops and bottoms bar-by-bar using only price and volume
  • How to use the Weis Wave for incredibly accurate confirmations of tops and bottoms
  • Using multiple time frames to increase the odds of identifying high-quality trades
  • Key indications that a market has turned
  • Specific trade setups for trading tops and bottoms, along with the all-important background conditions that must be in place
  • Identifying the “Springboard”—i.e., the very specific point in the top or bottom where the market is poised to move off the highs or lows rapidly.
  • And much more …

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for traders who are looking to be able to read market tops and bottoms and see the way professional and other successful traders trade them.



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