Investment Manager, Investor, Author

Graduating from the University of Groningen in Econometrics and Investment, Lex van Dam kicked off his career as a stock trader at Goldman Sachs in 1992. He then stepped up to be the head of the equities proprietary trading desk. In the 15 years, Lex van Dam had opportunities in various corporations. So, it is not a surprise that he has been a hedge fund manager at Hampstead Capital LLP since 2007.

His name eventually became closer to the public as he featured in Million Dollar Traders, a three-part series on BBC2, to instruct eight beginner stock traders. In 2010, Lex published a companion book called How to Make Money Trading to detail techniques instructed in the series.

Following the success of those two works, he established and launched the Lex van Dam Trading Academy in November 2020. It specializes in training people in Lex’s 5-step-trading methodology to become profitable in stock trading.

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