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Pocketing Premium Master Class (Basic) by Simpler Trading boasts an 86% winning chance against the markets without worrying much about directions.

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Course Overview

When the high volatility hits, most traders will panic and try to make unprepared decisions to realize their current profits as much as possible. Although it may seem intuitive, it can actually stop your entire trading plans and eliminate your goals, harming your trading mentality. Knowing this, Pocketing Premium Master Class (Basic) by Simpler Trading provides you with enough knowledge so that you can make proper decisions under any condition and in any financial market while still managing to retain your profits.

Your flows of trading income can somewhat be foreseeable – just as long as your positions keep winning, right? Pocketing Premium Master Class (Basic) shows that goal is actually achievable if you learn to keep your cool and not to panic when the movements of the market become increasingly fluctuating. With such a mentality, reaching more than 18 winners in a row will not be something exclusive to successful traders anymore.

Course outline

  • Henry Gambell – Pocketing Premium Class, Part 1 6-22-19.mp4
  • Henry Gambell – Pocketing Premium Class, Part 2.mp4
  • Henry Gambell – Pocketing Premium Class, Part 3.mp4

What will you learn?

  • Getting an increase of more than 86% for your winning trades, regardless of the market direction
  • Techniques to profit even when panicking, which can get more than 18 winning positions in a row
  • Being stable and getting profits by using strategies that benefit from unfavorable movements of the market
  • How a barely two-digit credit can turn into a three-digit one within only a week
  • The reasons why you should keep calm even when the high volatility strikes and not take impulsive decisions that can harm your goals

Who is this course for?

Pocketing Premium Master Class (Basic) by Simpler Trading is suitable for intermediate to advanced traders who want to increase their winning chances against financial markets.



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