Trading with the Time Factor – vol 2 – Frank Barillaro

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Volume 2 of Trading with the Time Factor by Frank Barillaro will let you learn how to foresee future market tops and bottoms years in advance.

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Frank Barillaro
Financial Markets

Course Overview

Trading with the Time Factor – vol 2 by Frank Barillaro will absolutely blow your mind. Learn how to “time” a market and the techniques that can forecast bull market highs and bear market lows to the exact day.  This volume is all about identifying “when” is the best time to buy or sell. Magnificently presented with easy to follow lessons and detailed coloured charts, you will learn how to forecast future market tops and bottoms years in advance with the Time Factor.

Trading with the Time Factor – vol 2 Course outline

  • Understanding the Time Factor:
    • How to identify repeating time frames within a market
    • How the major time frames work in the market
    • The key time frames ending the 20 year bear market in gold
    • The time cycles calling the 2011 all-time high in gold
    • Anniversary dates
    • Trading to Time – my own proprietary forecasting tool
    • Knowing when a trading to Time date will work
    • How to calculate and divide a yearly cycle of time
    • The highest probability time counts
    • How to calculate calendar time into degrees (simply)
    • The predictable yearly highs and lows in 2000 and 2001 (ASX 200)
    • The repeating time counts in 2011 and 2012 (S&P500)
  • The Master Time Factor Explained – Simply:
    • The Gann Decade Cycle
    • Calculating a 10 year RoadMap calendar
    • The Great Master Time Cycle
    • The 20 Year Master Time Cycle
    • The fourth dimension – using 20 year time cycles
    • The simple way to use the 20 year Master Time Calculator
    • How to use the Master Time Cycles to create a forecast
    • Looking to the future – what do the major time cycles tell us (in 2017)
  • The Best Rules for Trading
    • Trading psychology and risk management
    • The five simple rules for risk management
    • How to know when you are right
    • The four simple change of trend indicators
  • The Best Trading Entry and Exit Points
    • When to enter
    • When to reduce your position
    • Risk management
    • Profit taking
    • Additional profit taking levels
  • Putting the Jigsaw Puzzle Together
    • My email forecast for the Sep 2012 top (S&P 500)
    • My email forecast identifying how to trade off the Sep 2012 top (S&P 500)

What will you learn in Trading with the Time Factor – vol 2?

  • Ways to predict the trading market.
  • The methods for forecasting bull market highs and bear market lows to the day.
  • Skills to determine the ideal moment to purchase or sell..

Who is this course for?

Trading with the Time Factor – vol 2 is designed to:

  • Traders who want to get better in predicting the market trends.
  • Traders who have basic trading knowledge and skills.


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