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The Lazy Trader Course by The Lazy Trader provides effective methods, strategies and tools for long-term trading profitability with the least risk-taking.

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The Lazy Trader
Financial Markets

Course Overview

The Lazy Trader Course by The Lazy Trader extracts the experiences of Robert Colville who has been professionally trading for years with the consistency of high profitability. The curriculum of this course will shed light on the best practices of technical analysis, strategies, and tools with the illustrations of trading charts and examples.

Course Outline

  • The in-depth analysis of some successful trading case studies, reveals the secrets of profitable trading
  • Access to the proven frameworks, with detailed guidelines and explicit explanation of the whole process, from the development step to the application step
  • Effective techniques of reading charts, and how to draw insights into the trading market for the recognition of patterns and signals
  • How to get optimal timing of market entries/exits and trade start/stops for the optimal risk/reward ratios
  • The ‘Set and Forget’ system which helps you cut down on the time and effort of continuous monitoring in front of screens
  • The guidelines for you to manage risks, trades, and money
  • The best practices of trading psychology

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the common mistakes are openly shared, which can save you from counting the costs
  • Understand how and why the trading setups are developed, which paves the path for the development of your own trading strategies
  • Accurately predict project the trading market’s next moves, which helps build up viable setups
  • Learn risk and trade management

Who Is This Course For?

The Lazy Trader Course is for anyone who is interested in many adaptable tools, methods, and strategies for real trading or the simple, and even effortless frameworks.



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