Anton Kreil

Trader, Speaker

Anton Kreil is a one-time Goldman Sachs Trader. Now, he is a Managing Partner of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, featuring 500 traders from 22 countries around the world. Anton is also the Principal of Jakubstadt Holdings Pte Ltd, the Kreil family office located in Singapore.

His career flourished as a professional trader. He started opening accounts and executing trades at the age of 16. He was the first to receive an official invitation from the investment bank among four hundred students to earn an undergraduate degree in Economics at the University of Manchester.

As a professional trader, Anton excels in both roles as an Exclusive Trader and a Market Maker running two separate books on the Pan European Exchange outside of London. The sectors he deals with on the Pan European Trading Desk such as insurance, technology, telecommunications, banking, etc all have market shares ranked one or two globally.

In June 2008 Anton was chosen by the BBC to appear in the British TV series Million Dollar Traders which was broadcast in 2009. Anton received offers from all over the world for him to teach trading, he decided to continue and founded the Academy of Trading and Portfolio Management in 2011. It has now grown into the world’s leading trading school.

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