Michael Jenkins – The Secret Science of the Stock Market


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Michael Jenkins - The Secret Science of the Stock Market

Known to many as Michael S. Jenkins’ greatest book “The Secret Science of the Stock Market” is a ‘must have’. In this book Mr. Jenkins gives a start to finish ‘scientific’ examination of time and price forecasting techniques starting with basic line vectors and advances the concepts to circles, squares, triangles, logarithms, music structure and ratio analysis. These concepts are developed into a comprehensive method that allows you to forecast any market with great accuracy. Mr. Jenkins demonstrates how a few simple calculations would have predicted many of the greatest stock market swings of the past several decades with accuracy down to the day and price targets within one point on the market averages.


This new book advances the work started in his other books and course but goes much further revealing little known secret methods only a very small handful of professionals know and in many cases he reveals proprietary techniques never before revealed to the public at any price. The chapter on the Gann Square of Nine is much more complete than 90% of courses available selling for hundreds to thousands of dollars more. This chapter alone is worth several times the cost of the book but the secret ratio analysis at the end of the book will truly change your trading habits forever. When you finish this book there is little left to learn about advanced trading and forecasting techniques with the rare exception of astrological methods, which are not covered in this work.


This book goes from beginning concepts to the most advanced so anyone can greatly benefit from reading it. All concepts are demonstrated with actual chart histories. It is not, however, for the casual investor who does not want to take the time to calculate a simple square root on a hand held calculator. If you liked the previous books, then this one will easily surpass your expectations. Below are just a few examples of the powerful techniques you will learn from reading this book.

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