J.L.Lord – One Strategy for All Markets

The One Strategy for All Markets will walk you through the most successful strategy developed by the author throughout his ten years on Chicago trading floors.

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Course overview

The One Strategy for All Markets would take you from soup to nuts on the most effective method the author created over his 10+ years on the trading floors of Chicago. It is traded by just a select few expert traders on the floor, and often wrong. This book teaches the reader how to enter trades with almost little danger of loss as long as the market does not drop more than 800 Dow points in a single day. Even so, if this occurs, there is a solution. This method works in every market circumstance and blows the doors off any risk-reward notion you’ve ever learned. This is referred to as the “BWB,” or Broken Wing Butterfly.

Course outline

The One Strategy for All Markets will guide you through your trading journey with these topics below:

  • Option Fundamentals
  • Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads (BWB)
  • Broken Wing Butterfly Spreads (BWB) Entry Criteria
  • Risk Ratio Spreads (Aggressive)

What will you learn?

In the One Strategy for All Markets, online traders can:

  • Understand the essential terms connected with choices.
  • Understand what a choice is.
  • Understand the underlying philosophy of option contracts.
  • Understand how to trade options in practice.
  • Recognize the risk and reward associated with various possibilities.
  • Learn why and when to apply the Balanced Butterfly Spread.
  • Learn about the many placements, strikes, and options for this flexible Option Strategy.
  • See trade examples to learn how to examine a chart setup and select the optimum strikes for a High Probability Broken Wing Butterfly trade.
  • Learn how to take advantage of changing market situations by altering the location and strikes of the Broken Wing Butterfly.

Who is this course for?

The One Strategy for All Markets is tailored for:

  • Those who need basic knowledge of calls, puts, credit spreads and debit spreads.
  • Those who need to practice their own trade settings based on examples in this course will have a better comprehension of the content.
  • Those who are willing to try something new in their trading journey.


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