Jeanne Long – Basic Astrotech

Basic Astrotech by Jeanne Long lays the foundation for trading commodities and technical analysis using spectacular geo-cosmic energy fields.

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MS Technical Analysis

Course overview

Basic Astrotech by Jeanne Long holds unique ideas and points of view that differ from the traditional technical analysis of trading – the cycles of nature, the stars, the moon, and the sun somehow harmonically correlate with those of commodity prices, for example, gold prices respond to the movements of the sun.

With clear instructions, learners do not need any previous knowledge of astrology and related technology to follow the content of the course and apply them to their own trades in all financial markets. For the learners can have more insightful information and make the most out of the course, Basic Astrotech meticulously includes many detailed aspects of example trades, such as overviews, total profits, losses, additional insight, additional technical tools, key reversals, and so on.


Course outline

  • Basic Astrotech – Jeanne Long ebook


What will you learn?

  • The harmonious relationship between prices and planets
  • The tips and the tools of planetary timing
  • Moon phases and eclipses and their uses in financial markets
  • Conducting more support and resistance lines
  • DJIA daily with planetary aspects
  • Trendline validation
  • Detailed technical analysis of example trades


Who is this course for?

Basic Astrotech by Jeanne Long offers a basic overview of trading commodities using Astrology – a unique and spectacular way to approach the markets, which traders at all levels may find interesting as a brand-new perspective on trading.



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