Secrets of a Pivot Boss. Revealing Proven Methods for Profiting in The Market – Franklin Ochoa

Secrets of a Pivot Boss offers the most comprehensive collection of pivot-related trading ideas and concepts available to traders.

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Franklin Ochoa
MS Financial Markets

Course Overview

Secrets of a Pivot Boss offers the most comprehensive collection of pivot-related trading ideas and concepts available to traders. Frank Ochoa has analyzed the market every day over the past 12 years and has cultivated the techniques in this book into fine art using the best leading indicators available to traders.

The concepts in this book will help you become a more knowledgeable and confident trader. Professional traders use tools that are based purely on price, which is a leading indicator in its own class.


Course Outline

Chapter 1: Understanding Market

The Auction Process

The Types of Buyers and Sellers

Recycling Market Days

The Types of Market Days

Pursuing Understanding

Chapter 2: Engaging the Setup

The Anatomy of a Candlesticks

The Wick Reversal Setup

The Extreme Reversal Setup

The Outside Reversal Setup

The Doji Reversal Setup

Understanding the Setup

Chapter 3: Introducing the Money Zone

About the Market Profile

The Money Zone Levels

The Point of Control

The Developing Point of Control

The Value Area

The Developing Value Area

Volume at price

Engaging the Money Zone

Chapter 4: Advanced Money Zone Concepts

The Open in Relation to Value and Range

Value Area Relationship

Value Area Width

Virgin Money Zone Levels

Understanding Volume at Price

The Unchanged VPOC Relationship

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What Will You Learn?

  • Discover the best leading indicators available to traders, including the Money Zone, Floor Pivots, and the Camarilla Equation
  • Learn powerful concepts like Two-Day Pivot Relationships, Pivot Width Forecasting, Pivot Trend Analysis, and Multiple Pivot Hot Zones
  • Learn about incredible pivot relationships
  • Learn Powerful Candlestick Setups, Types of Trading Days, the Types of Buyers and Sellers, Powerful Setups, and Proprietary Indicators


Who Is This Course For?

Whether you are a real-time trader, swing trader, position trader, or investor, you will find great value in this book, regardless of the markets you trade or your level of experience.



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