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Futures Spread Trading Intro Course by The Trading Framework shows you that growing your account steadily is sometimes better and less risky than others.

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Course Overview

Among all other possibilities, futures trading is stated to be less risky than other certain approaches such as outrights trading, helping traders grow consistently while keeping any threat at bay. With the right techniques and strategies, futures spreads will protect your trading accounts against price fluctuations and unexpected events from the markets while enabling traders to realize the profits from certain trades without stopping the whole trading plan when high volatility strikes. These are just some of the interesting topics included in the Futures Spread Trading Intro Course by The Trading Framework.

The course is presented to you by Saul Knapp of The Trading Framework with more than 20 years of experience in the trading and risk management industry. Via the Futures Spread Trading Intro Course, he will show you the reasons behind the dominance of futures trading spreads and why average traders usually overlook it while professionals manage to get the ability to create a massive gap in terms of trading knowledge and take advantage of the techniques that are missed out by others.

Course outline

  • Spread Trading Masterclass.mp4

What will you learn?

  • Using the new MarketDelta Desktop for trading spreads how to get the maximum value out of it
  • The reasons why the course chooses this platform
  • Lowering margin with spreads
  • Executing techniques with the MarketDelta Desktop
  • When to and not to use spreads, reverting spreads
  • Trade examples of commodity spread with common products such as cocoa, coffee, energy
  • Improving your spreads with Market Profile and Candlestick Bar

Who is this course for?

Futures Spread Trading Intro Course by The Trading Framework aims for intermediate traders and upper levels with prior experience in futures trading.


Saul Knap

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