Andromeda Tradestation Systems II + Manual

The Andromeda Info Manual is a resource for information on Andromeda, its features, and trading systems in general. Among the topics covered are optimization, drawdown types, performance issues, and position sizing (money management).

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Money Management, Position Sizing, Trade Station

Course Overview

The Andromeda Info Manual is a reference guide to Andromeda, its features, and trading systems in general. Optimization, Drawdown Types, Performance Issues, and Position Sizing (Money Management), among other subjects, are explored.

Andromeda Portfolios & Performance – the product of extensive research and testing: a wide range of suggested portfolios for small, medium, large, and professional account sizes that employ Position Sizing (Money Management) methodologies. Historical performance test results are shown in both graphical and comprehensive reports. This is an essential guidebook, and it may be the one that piques your attention the most; it serves as Andromeda’s route map.

Course Outline

  • Andromeda Trading Manual
  • Trading Plan
  • FAQs

What Will You Learn?

  • A distinctive money management strategy to help you grow your account
  • The martingale strategy is a recipe for catastrophe.
  • Reverse martingale – your key to expansion

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who want to grow their trading account.


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