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No more guesswork, Ajax Trading Course straightforwardly shows you how professional traders improve their trading economic data and make money.

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Course overview

Ajax Trading Course, brought by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg of Bkforex, clears out the confusion of forex and trading while demonstrating to learners appropriate approaches and easy methods to make profits with them.

With the help of the Ajax indicator included in Ajax Trading Course, learners can instantly do forex trading while avoiding slippage and letting unnecessary guessing out of the way. Ajax Trading Course takes you from the essential fundamentals to actual trading case studies so that learners can get the hand of the course as much as possible.


Course outline

  • Lesson 1: how does the Ajax Indicator work? Rules for long trades
  • Lesson 2: examples of long Ajax trades + examples
  • Lesson 3: trading rules for short Ajax trades + examples
  • Lesson 4: variations on the classic Ajax trades
  • Lesson 5: turn Ajax trades into bigger profits with currency crosses
  • Lesson 6: top 5 Ajax trading opportunities and when not to trade Ajax
  • Lesson 7: proper position sizing
  • Lesson 8: bonus – step-by-step instructions on how to install the Ajax MT4 EA
  • Lesson 9: bonus – live trading Ajax strategy
  • Lesson 10: bonus – how to turn Ajax into an SMS signal
  • Lesson 11: bonus – what’s new in Ajax version 2.0
  • Lesson 12: Ajax course files

What will you learn?

  • Understanding trading news and how you can profit from it
  • In-depth guidelines for using the Ajax indicator and trade examples
  • Different types of Ajax trades
  • Identifying an attractive Ajax trading opportunity and when not to do one
  • Appropriate approaches for position sizing
  • How Ajax indicator is used during live trading

Who is this course for?

Ajax Trading Course greatly benefits intermediate traders who are with a solid foundation of forex trading knowledge and are looking for even further development under the guidance of professional traders.


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