BK Forex – Crowdfighter Course

Crowdfighter Course of Bkforex shows you how to trade like a forex professional, getting your deserved earnings while avoiding the crowded trading trends.

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Course overview

Crowdfighter Course, presented by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg of Bkforex, sheds light on the reasons why big banks make money from forex day trading and how you can make your own earnings.

Crowdfighter Course promises up to 75% chances of making profits when you do forex day trading by following their detailed step-by-step instructions, including strategies that help the authors themselves make money 8 out of 9 months.

Course outline

  • Lesson 1: why crowd fighter? the philosophy behind the system
  • Lesson 2: volatility – the key ingredient
  • Lesson 3: trading us and ez data
  • Lesson 4: trading uk data
  • Lesson 5: trading australian data
  • Lesson 6: trading canadian data
  • Lesson 7: crowd fighter by the numbers – an in-depth analysis of results
  • Lesson 8: bonus – step by step instructions on how to install the crowd fighter mt4 ea
  • Lesson 9: bonus – all about crowd fighter strategy
  • Lesson 10: how to make adjustments to crowd fighter ea
  • Lesson 11: crowd fighter download files

What will you learn?

  • Understanding news trading, the reasons why big banks make money from it, and why you do not
  • Selecting high-impact events with exact values
  • Keeping the risk/ reward ratio as close as 1:1
  • The essentials of volatility
  • Important rules to follow when trading pairs
  • Analyzing the results for potential future profits
  • Step-by-step on how to use the Crowd Fighter MT4 EA

Who is this course for?

Crowdfighter Course is perfect for intermediate traders with decent forex day trading knowledge, wishing to put even more effort to achieve the potential earnings they deserve.


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