Unlearn And Relearn – Market Fluidity

Unlearn And Relearn – Market Fluidity helps you find it easy to read the price and anticipating moves via observing the trading market stories illustrated in the candles, which gives you the high potential to enhance the trading effect constantly.

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Market Fluidity
MS Forex

Course overview

Unlearn And Relearn – Market Fluidity is the light bulb leading you to enter deeper in the trading industry with comprehensive acknowledgment about the candles, allowing you to process the trading much more proficiently, along with the high-effective strategies using the data given from candles.

This course is designed for Forex.

Course Outline

  • Intro to Forex
  • How to choose currency pairs
  • Lots and Leverage
  • Risk Management 1.0
  • Anatomy of Candlesticks
  • Market Trends
  • Support & Resistance 1.0
  • Risk Management 2.0
  • Momentum vs VolatilityVolume
  • Explaining a WickFill
  • Risk Management 3.0
  • Support & Resistance 2.0
  • HTF vs LTF
  • Candle Trends
  • Trading the Trend
  • Rejection in Zones
  • Trading Plan
  • And so on!


What will you learn?

  • The advanced knowledge and cutting-edge techniques allowing you to develop your daily trading, focusing on the movements of candles via the professional syllabus, containing high-quality trading content.
  • How to get through the candles and utilize them in the trading process proficiently just like the expert.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for traders who are working on acknowledgement about candles movements for reading the whole stories of it.



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