John Carter & Hubert Senters – Scalping Webinar

Master the art of scalping with Scalping Webinar by John Carter & Hubert Senters and earn your small, yet reliable and stable flows of trading income.

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Course overview

Scalping Webinar by John Carter & Hubert Senters let you see through the eyes of professional traders as they present the basics of scalping, tape reading, and how to maximize their profitability with live trading case studies.

In certain financial markets including day trading and forex trading, scalping is a not only powerful but also safe technique of trading to make stable small profits. Scalping Webinar by John Carter & Hubert Senters understands the importance and the needs of this method, and so they come up with this webinar where learners can become well-prepared with appropriate approaches and insightful information, ready to make their first trading profits.


Course outline

Section 1

  • Part 1 – Live Trading Opening
  • Part 2 – Live Action Tape Reading
  • Part 3 – Econ Number Released Live Trading
  • Part 4 – Live Scalp Trade
  • Part 5 – Good Place to Cover


Section 2

  • Part 1 – Working Through Trades Plus Tape Reading Drill
  • Part 2 – More Tape Reading Drills
  • Part 3 – More Tape Drills
  • Part 4 – Scalping Basics & Best Software
  • Part 5 – Do The Math – Best Time Frame – Best Tick Frame


Section 3

  • Part 1 – Tape Reading Patterns
  • Part 2 – Tape Reading Patterns cont.
  • Part 3 – Hourly Rolling Pivots & TTM Rotation
  • Part 4 – Hot Knife Through Butter


Section 4

  • Part 1 – Q&A Session
  • Part 2 – Q&A cont.
  • Part 3 – Q&A cont
  • Part 4 – How Not to Force A Trade


What will you learn?

  • The essential fundamentals of scalping
  • How to make use of scalping for consistent flows of income
  • Live case studies with the authors
  • The drills and the process of reading tape
  • Essential software for scalping
  • Choosing the best time frame for day trading
  • Patterns for tape reading
  • What to/ not to look for when initiating a trade


Who is this course for?

Providing careful preparation to their learners, Scalping Webinar by John Carter & Hubert Senters can be an ideal course for fresh traders to get the first profits or their lives.



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