Peak Trading Performance – The Trading Framework

Peak Trading Performance by The Trading Framework promises the ability to turn you into one that can read the market movements and profit from them.

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The Trading Framework
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Course Overview

Peak Trading Performance by The Trading Framework contains ready-to-use modules that take up to 26 hours of intensive learning while aiming for discipline and growth. It is organized in such a manner that it covers all you need to know to start using The Trading Framework for day trading, swing trading, and other financial instruments.


Course Outline

  • Technical Training
  • Planning and Journaling
  • Personal Development


What Will You Learn?

  • Developing expertise in Trading Value
  • Using Market and Time Frame Confluences for greater probability setups, you can read the mind of the market and gain a deeper understanding of context.
  • Market Harmonics and Rotations: An Overview
  • Mastering Order Flow, Timing, and Execution
  • Risk-Position Sizing Plans and How to Manage Trades Effectively
  • For better belief and confidence, a specific pre-market analysis process and top-down analysis are necessary.
  • Using the Framework for Day Trading
  • And many more


Who is This Course For?

Peak Trading Performance by The Trading Framework goes through a set of advanced topics about day trading and other financial instruments, which may only prove its value to advanced traders.



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