Secrets of Intraday Candlesticks for Day and Swing Traders – Candle Charts

Secrets of Intraday Candlesticks for Day and Swing Traders shares a comprehensive walkthrough of intraday trading techniques and strategies for maximal profits and minimal risks.

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Steve Nison, Candle Charts
MS Day Trading

Course Overview

Secrets of Intraday Candlesticks for Day and Swing Traders by Candle Charts deep dives into candlestick techniques and how to apply to intraday and swing trading time frames. You will learn through detailed guides, illustrated charts, and examples.

Course Outline

  • Candle Patterns
  • Intraday signals
  • Support and Resistance
  • And so much more!

What Will You Learn?

  • Discover why and how candle patterns should be traded differently on intraday charts.
  • How to combine intraday signals with longer time frame support and resistance.
  • Using intraday candle charts to find “hidden” support/resistance.
  • How to get earlier clues of reversals than you can with daily charts.
  • Easy method to determine if the market is really overbought or oversold.
  • When to pull the trigger on an intraday trade.
  • Chart Challenges to ensure your brain is programmed with these new strategies… so you’ll know precisely how to respond when you get back to trading after the seminar.
  • Learn the “Bouncing Ball” intraday trade set-up we use in our own trading.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Intraday traders who want to improve their market timing and decrease their risks.
  • Swing traders who want to get earlier reversal signals than those shown on daily charts.
  • Longer-term traders who are tired of missing out on important reversals and want better strategies to protect their money and enhance their results.

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