Fous4 Trading Course – Cameron Fous

Fous4 Trading Course helps you cut down the time and the effort put into your learning with a special trading method of a seasoned professional.

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Course overview

Fous4 Trading Course by Cameron Fous is an all-in-one program that covers a wide array of trading knowledge from the most essential fundamentals to hands-on money management tactics frequently used by Cameron Fous himself.

Via Fous4 Trading Course, Cameron Fous proudly introduces his Fous4 strategy – a 90-day trading method – that includes a decade worth of personal trading knowledge and experience so that learners can cut down all unnecessary guesswork and go straight to filtered insightful information.

Mostly based on technical analysis, the strategy also boasts the capability of transforming you from a beginner to a professional day trader who can set up his own stock screeners to scan through numerous charts to find ones that fit your desires.

Course outline

  • Disc 1
  • Disc 2
  • Disc 3
  • Disc 4
  • Disc 5
  • Disc 6

What will you learn?

  • The fundamentals of swing trading and day trading tactics
  • Four breakthrough chart patterns: force, rebirth, survival, and gold
  • Risk management concepts
  • Trading psychology
  • Demonstrations of the author’s favorite technical analysis techniques, including ascending triangle patterns, as well as candlesticks patterns, and specific moving averages
  • Spotting a good trade
  • Overview of all markets in general

Who is this course for?

Fous4 Trading Course is designed for beginners who are craving for both the insights into markets and guidance for technical analysis for making enormous profits.



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