Cobra (aka Viper Crude) – David Bean

Via this Cobra (aka Viper Crude) by David Bean, traders can reduce the daily risk for traders looking to quantify daily risk within a system by limiting the system to one trade.

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David Bean, Capstone Trading Systems
MS Day Trading

Course Overview

Cobra (originally Viper with a name change on October 17, 2011) is a trend following day-trade strategy that trades stock index futures, euro currency, bonds, and crude oil. This original strategy was designed at the end of 2005 for stock index futures using market internals. A modified version also trades Bonds, Euro Currency, Crude Oil, and the SPY ETF.


I consider Cobra my flagship trading system based on the fact that it works so well over a broad range of markets with very little change in the trading system for the different market sectors. It trades the following markets: E-mini S&P, E-mini Russell, E-mini Midcap, Crude Oil, E-mini Crude Oil, Euro Currency futures and forex, 30 Year T-bonds, and the SPY ETF.


What Will You Learn?

  • Own pattern based entry technique as well as my own trend indicator
  • Skills to trade the trend and get in before the trend accelerates but to also ensure that we have the trend correct
  • Skills to get a piece of the trend somewhere in the middle


Who Is This Course For?

  • This course is better suited for day traders, but other traders can learn from it as well (more research is needed before starting).

David Bean

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