Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory – Bradley Cowan

Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory by Bradley Cowan introduces the method of applying pentagram to forecast time cycles.

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Course Overview

In the Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory course, Bradley Cowan shows us how exactly every market panic and trend reversal in 100 years has been calculated. Through the use of pentagrams and simple planetary arrangements, traders can do this.


Course Outline

  • How Cowan Publicly Called the 3/2009 Bottom Four Hours Before the Turn
  • Cause of the 666-Week “Mark of the Beast” Cycle, ’62, ’74, ’87, 2000, 2013
  • Using the Pentagram to Forecast Recurring Market Patterns
  • Planetary Golden Triangle Fractal Patterns at Market Panics
  • Accurately Time Mid-Cycle Panics Such as 1906-07, 1973-75, and 2007-09
  • Pentagonal Cycle Cause of the 5, 8, 13, and 17-Year Cycles
  • Complete Copy of Cogan’s Rhythmic Cycles of Optimism & Pessimism
  • Cowan’s Commentary and Analysis of Above Book
  • Update of Cowan’s 21/42-Year Uranus Quarter-Cycle Published in 1993
  • Update of Cowan’s 28-Year Soybean Cycle of 2001 Published in 1995
  • Much More Included in the 280 Pages


What will you learn?

  • Apply pentagram to forecast trend reversal time
  • Learn Pentagonal Cycle and Cogan’s Rhythmic Cycles


Who is this course for?

The Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory course is for Forex traders, suitable even for inexperienced people.



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