Advanced Price Action Course – Chris Capre

Chris Capre’s Advanced Price Action Course focuses on simplicity throughout the program, making all concepts simple and easy to understand. In addition, we provided real examples to back up all of the ideas.

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Course Overview

Price action trading is a very popular trading strategy in the trading industry. Unlike other trading methods, it concentrates on naked charts and ignores sophisticated indicators. If you know how to apply price action tactics, they are the finest way to discover market structure. It certainly reflects the adage, “Simplicity is the highest sophistication.”

As former treasurers of an investment bank with full-time forex and crypto trading income, our goal is to advance our favorite tactics by combining discipline, psychology, and teaching how to develop the most effective trading setups. We concentrated on simplicity throughout the training, keeping all topics plain and understood. Furthermore, we included practical examples to back up all of the principles. We built the course step by step. We started with the fundamentals and then moved on to advanced tactics to improve your chances.

Course Outline

  • Price Action Trading Role Reversal Levels – Price Action Trading Strategies
  • Understanding Price Action
  • The 4 Staples of Interpreting Price Action
  • Price Action Reversal Candles
  • Price Action Forex Piercing Pattern & Outside Candles
  • Price Action Inside Bar Trading
  • The Breakout Retest Trade
  • Price Action – Trading Rejection Zones
  • Price Action Trading – Getting Into Trends

What Will You Learn?

  • The Logic of Price Action Trading
  • Market Structures
  • How to Draw Efficient Trendlines
  • Different Price Action Trading Styles
  • Breakout Trading Strategies
  • Pullback Trading Strategies
  • Candlestick Formations
  • Fake Breaks
  • Finding Sweet Spots for Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders
  • Blueprint of Successful Trades
  • Advanced Techniques

Who Is This Course For?

  • People who wants to learn “Price Action Trading” strategies from A to Z
  • People who wants to trade with naked charts
  • People who know technical analysis but unable to make sustainable profits


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