A Little Keltner, a Little Wycoff and of lot of Street Smarts – Linda Raschke

By altering the bands depending on the most recent average daily price range, the book will naturally be further away from the market when price fluctuations are large. They will, however, maintain a far more consistent breadth than Bollinger bands.

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Linda Raschke, Wyckoff SMI
MS Forex

Books Overview

You must have a strict set of standards for when you should not be ahead of a trend. Runaway market circumstances need the employment of a different trading approach, since you will not experience the pullbacks that you are accustomed to in countertrend swing trading. The Keltner Channels indicator will detect runaway markets generated by a big standard deviation move or momentum surge. As a result, they can alert you to unusual volatility situations far earlier than an ADX, which has a longer lag. They will not, however, capture the slow, creeping trend market that an ADX will indicate.


The content of this book includes:

  • Keltner Channels
  • Adx
  • Baby Grail
  • Street Smarts
  • The Crowd Has a Mental Breaking Point
  • Wait for the Flush and Squeeze
  • Omega TradeStation Code for Keltner Channels


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