5-minute Time Frame by Zone Trader

5-minute Time Frame by Zone Trader captures what is behind the mind of a professional trader to make profits with the 5-minute mono strategy.

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Course Overview

5-minute Time Frame by Zone Trader gives you an in-depth guide on the 5-minute mono strategy that you may be looking for. With the help of the course, you will no longer be that scared and impatient beginner who is the first to abandon the trades as soon as they show the possibility of losing their strength. Instead, you will be trained as a true professional momentum trader with optimal forex trading strategies and exit rules up the sleeves to protect your gains while holding on to your positions as long as possible.

5-minute Time Frame by Zone Trader walks you through the perspective of the author throughout the entire day so that you can have a closer look at how a professional trader makes his decisions – how he sets up his charts and observes the same zones that he keeps his eyes on. Besides the knowledge and the trading principles, you will learn to keep your mindset strong and control your emotions to avoid costly mistakes when trading during a state of fear, regret, greed, and so on.

Course outline

  • 0 – Welcome
  • 1 – Expectation
  • 2 – The Only Candlestick Setups You Will Need (Detailed Breakdown)
  • 3 – The Ritual Begins in The Morning
  • 4 – How I Develop My System (The Early Days)
  • 5 – Stops
  • 6 – Money Management
  • 7 – Moving Averages, Checklist, and Alternate Entry Methods
  • 8 – Putting It All Together
  • 9 – Cautious Trading
  • 10 – How to Use The System On Other Markets
  • 11 – Pivot Point Tools
  • 12 – Continuing Your Progression as A Trader (Advanced)
  • 13 – Emotions and Trading
  • 14 – The News
  • 15 – Affiliate Opportunities
  • 16 – Downloads Grouped Together

What will you learn?

  • Preparing your trading plan for the day, following the author’s ‘top-down’ process
  • Identifying specific reversal areas by using strongest support and resistance zones
  • Proven candlesticks setups
  • Advanced stops and money management
  • How to maximize profits
  • Advanced confluences and ways to observe the market sentiment using moving averages
  • Morning analysis with in-depth insights into subsequent trade results, following a day in the life of the author
  • Behind the mind of a trader and how to manage your emotions

Who is this course for?

5-minute Time Frame by Zone Trader is perfect for intermediate traders with upper levels who are learning about the 5-minute mono strategy and ways to adapt to other financial markets besides forex trading.



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