Swing Trading with Confidence – Barry Burns

This course gives you the advanced tactics of his methodology for the quick optimization of your profit.

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Course Overview

Swing Trading with Confidence by Barry Burns is built on trading setups, indicators, and chart patterns. In this course, you will learn a treasure trove of more advanced knowledge about Volume and Relative Strength.


Course Outline

  • The advantages of Swing Trading over Day Trading
  • Advanced Support/Resistance techniques
  • Trading GAPS
  • Money management mastery
  • How to diversify for maximum profits and minimum risk
  • How to employ position sizing to protect against big losses so you can trade cool as a cucumber
  • How to trade the news
  • Trading with volume (you’ll get a TRUCKLOAD of information about the volume in this course)
  • The 7 volume patterns I trade
  • The 2 volume indicators I use, and most importantly, precisely HOW I use them
  • How to find the best markets to trade
  • How to know which markets will drift up, and which will EXPLODE to the upside for huge and ultra-fast profits
  • How to scan the market for the exact setups taught in Foundations 1 and 2
  • How to trade stress-free by hedging your positions like the pros
  • 3 strategies spelled out to help protect your positions from the market gaping through your stops


What will you learn?

  • Learning the more advanced material
  • The advantages of Swing Trading over Day Trading
  • How to optimize the profit with news, exact setups
  • And more


Who is this course for?

Swing Trading with Confidence is for

  • Stock swing trader
  • Futures traders
  • Forex traders


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