Tick Chart Mastery The Definitive Guide- Feibeltrading [COMPLETED]

Tick Chart Mastery The Definitive Guide by Feibel Trading highlights practical techniques to get the right timing of market entries and exits. So, you can catch up with trading opportunities and avoid costly pitfalls.

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Feibel Trading
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Course Overview

Tick charts are often overlooked possibly due to their confusion and mysticism. Feibel Trading recognizes the importance of tick charts as they offer an intraday edge over traditional time-based charts. ​

Tick Chart Mastery The Definitive Guide by Feibel Trading presents all concepts with clear explanations. So, you can take an in-depth look into the multitude of advantages that tick charts provide. Various asset classes and examples are used to illustrate the power of tick charts.

Course Outline

Video 1: Anatomy of a tick chart

  • Construction
  • Time
  • Volume

Videos 2 to 6: Advantages

  • Structure
  • Low volatility
  • High Volatility
  • Professional Activity
  • Advanced entries

Video 7: Summary 

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages​

Video 8: Bonus

  • Volume integration
  • Setup

What Will You Learn?

  • Enhancing entry, exit, and stop management.
  • How to spot trading opportunities.
  • How to keep track of unique market structural areas.
  • How to improve chart analysis.
  • How to become a professional trader, not only techniques but also mindset.
  • Glimpses into market behavior.
  • How to make time and capital management better.
  • Advanced frameworks of entry and exit strategies.
  • And so much more!

Who Is This Course For?

Tick Chart Mastery The Definitive Guide by Feibel Trading is for all traders at every level. It provides a complete guideline on fundamentals and advanced concepts of multiple aspects.



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