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Falcon Trading Guidance, often known as FalconFX, is a Forex trading instruction company that strives to inspire, advise, teach, and grow its clients alongside. They believe that only they can teach traders how to trade the Forex market in a clear and organized manner.

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Course overview

Falcon Trading Guidance, often known as FalconFX, is a Forex trading education that aims to inspire, advise, educate, and develop alongside its clients. They think that they can educate traders how to trade the Forex market in a simple and structured way that only they can provide. With over 100 hours of video content, including weekly live webinars, weekly recaps, and fast tips, this program certainly gives a lot of knowledge.


Course outline

The Falcon Trading Guidance course will show the online learners how to trade, via these content below:

  • 10-part video series, which gives traders with over 8 hours of organized course information.
  • 10 major subjects are covered in the Falcon Trading Guidance
  • One more extensive website with details on the service.
  • An in-depth strategy manual, and more.


What will you learn?

In this Falcon Trading Guidance course, online traders can learn:

  • Forex mechanics from A to Z.
  • Falcon FX’s approach.
  • Everything else you need to grow your trading business.
  • A quick path to lucrative trading in the FX markets.


Who is this course for?

The Falcon Trading Guidance course is designed to:

  • Those who need to improve their skills and knowledge in Forex.
  • Those who need a Forex guideline for beginners, freshers, start-ups, etc. in trading.
  • Those who want a fresh and effective start in their trading journey.


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