Founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc

Having spent many years of his life in the trading industry as a professional trader, Rob Hoffman was inspired by the process of teaching and enlightening trading secrets to eager learners. He then decided to launch Become A Better Trader, Inc – a learning platform that boasts the capability to help you develop into the trader you want to be thanks to the irreplaceable experience and credentials of its owner.


Besides being a trading educator, Rob Hoffman is also an award-winning trader, seven-time International Trading Champion, and a frequent speaker for many big forums and exchanges on financial markets. With the skills and mentality of a true top-ranked trader, he utilizes adult learning theory in his teaching to make his points clearly regarding identifying trade setups, overcoming the fear of initiating, and making the trade so that learners can quickly get the hang of the knowledge and instantly apply them to their trades.

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