Advanced Trading Strategies – Rob Hoffman

This Advanced Trading Strategies course provides hours of valuable instruction on how to use the multi-time frame indicators from Become A Better Trader.

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Rob Hoffman, Become a Better Trader
MS Financial Trading

Course Overview

This course includes 5+ hours of important education on using the Become A Better Trader’s multi-time frame indicators, when not to take a trade, criteria for higher-probability trades, working in unison with other indicators, aggressive vs. conservative setups, scalp trading, “add to” and exciting positions, and Volume Spread Analysis. Don’t miss this course!


Course Outline

  • Accumulation/Distribution
  • Adding To and Exiting Trades
  • Aggressive Trading
  • Bar Needs to be Closed Before Making Trade – Bar locking in
  • Bubble – Do not use indicators in a bubble
  • Capital Preservation is Job ONE
  • Conservation Setup Rules (High probability)
  • Exit a Trade
  • Fire Indicator – Blue – Based on multi-timeframe analysis
  • Fish Hook
  • Formation of Bottoms and Tops
  • Go With Trades – Aggressive
  • Higher or Longer Timeframe Analysis
  • Higher Timeframe has More Validity
  • Highest-Probability Setups – Tone, Lock and Fire
  • Hoffman Fade
  • Hourly Charts are Most Important
  • Indicators are Built on Price Action, Momentum, Range and MTF
  • Indicators in Multiple Financial Markets
  • Key Reversals
  • Lone Wolf
  • MACD
  • MTF Indicators – Going Dark
  • MTF Indicators – Junior or Senior TLF
  • MTF Indicators in Unison with Other Indicators
  • Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Price Action Indicator – Tone, Lock, Fire and Thrust
  • News (Avoid)
  • Ping Pong
  • Price Action-Only Indicator – Black – Thrust
  • Profit Potential – Room to go and grow
  • Pullbacks or Retracements
  • Rapid Fire on MFT
  • Retracement Trades
  • Risk is High with Ping Pong
  • RSI
  • Scalping Trades
  • Support and Resistance
  • Support and Resistance (Challenge Assumptions)
  • Support and Resistance Assumption that Levels Will Hold
  • Swing Trading – Indicators are Very Valid
  • Thrust Indicator – Black – Early in trend change
  • Thrust Pullback Thrust
  • Time is Money and Time is Risk
  • Tone and Lock on MTF Needs to be Main Focus
  • Use Indicators Along with Trend in MTF
  • VSA
  • VSA – Long and Short Signals with Trend
  • VSA – Non-Standard Approach – Red and Green arrows
  • VSA – Tests, No Demand, Upthrusts and Become A Better Trader Indicators
  • VSA – Tone is Needed to Give Credibility
  • VSA – When Buys Don’t Buy and Sells Don’t Sell it is Time to …
  • VSA – Become A Better Trader Indicators – Tone and Lock is Fundamental
  • VSA – Rapid Fire Indicators
  • When Not Take Trades with Indicators


What Will You Learn?

  • Tracking, analyzing, and identifying trading opportunities for various Trading Strategies
  • Understand the market’s microstructure, ECNs, and Dark Pools completely.
  • Examine various financial statements and how you might utilize them to your benefit.
  • Understand the philosophy underlying certain transactions.
  • Discover two distinct trading strategies.
  • Create and apply your own trading strategies.
  • Various valuation methodologies should be used for different tactics.
  • Analyze and comprehend the basics of the firm and its fundamental ratios.
  • Create your own Trading Plan to assist you in trading with confidence.
  • In different situations, interpret the use of technical analysis, charts, and indicators.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Intermediate traders who wish to enhance their performance and lay a solid basis for planning and executing trades.
  • Those interested in learning advanced topics in order to have a more thorough understanding of the financial markets.
  • Intermediate traders seeking more tools and approaches


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