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Forex Option Trading allows you to earn additional money online from the comfort of your own home at any time. This comprehensive guide will teach you the foundations of the forex market, as well as a proven and lucrative trading technique and how to properly execute winning transactions.

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Nick Bencino, Forex4noobs
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Advance Courses for Members by Forex 4 Noobs Description

Smart traders who wish to win in Forex are said to need to grasp price movement as well as their trading mentality. Price action is the most straightforward approach to learn Forex trading, and trading psychology guarantees that you trade correctly.

Forget about employing perplexing indications. Don’t be concerned about every trade. Trading without a strategy is pointless. This course can assist you in learning Forex the proper way.

This course will teach you:

  • Trading Foundation Based on Price Action
  • Price Action Trading Terminology You Should Know
  • A Market Cycle’s Four Stages
  • Candlestick Reading and Analysis
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Strategies for Risk Management
  • Profitable Price Action Trading Technical Indicators
  • How to Trade Pullbacks Using Trend Lines and Parallel Channels
  • Price Action Trading Using Support and Resistance Levels
  • Price Action Trading with Fibonacci Retracements
  • Using EMA as Dynamic Support and Resistance
  • How to Detect Trend Reversals Using Volume
  • How to Detect Trend Reversals Using MACD


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