Code 1 Course – Oil Trading Academy

Code 1 Course covers everything you need to know about the oil market or any futures market with their viable strategies and rules – known as ‘codes’.

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Course overview

Code 1 Course by Oil Trading Academy reveals the secret to maximizing your trading profits or making a fortune with powerful and often-overlooked codes – highly viable strategies and rules. This course promises a broad array of knowledge that can be applied to any futures trading market, whether it is oil trading, gold trading, Emini s&p, and so on.

Code 1 Course walks you through its fruitful and jam-packed content with videos and their powerful and effective ways of approaching. Learners will not benefit from the promised knowledge but also develop themselves into self-sufficient traders that can come up with their tactics in correspondence with the futures trading market.

Course outline

  • Video 1: Sunday gap
  • Video 2: gap success
  • Video 3: teaching the code
  • Video 4: recap so far
  • Video 5: code Asian
  • Video 6: code Europe
  • Video 7: code trades

What will you learn?

  • ‘Codes’ to apply to any type of futures trading, be it oil, gold, Emini s&p, and so on
  • The essential fundamentals of the futures market
  • Precise entry with high profitability while keeping risks at bay
  • Identifying certain trading conditions so as not to miss out on profitable opportunities and getting away from pitfalls
  • Appropriate approaches and strategies for the futures market
  • Methods that are tailored for you to get insights and develop your own tactics
  • Winning structures so that learners can reduce excessive learning and start earning.

Who is this course for?

Code 1 Course by Oil Trading Academy is a perfect place to start from the most essential fundamentals for any trader, beginner or advanced, taking on the oil market, or any futures market as well.



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