Andrew Menaker – Video Package (4.5 hours of Trading Psychology Videos)

With Dr. Andrew Menaker’s Video Package, you will be able to benefit from Dr. Andrew Menaker’s trade knowledge, abilities, and experience. This video series will be extremely useful and supportive, whether you are studying now or in the future.

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Course overview

The trainer of Video Package (4.5 hours of Trading Psychology Videos) (or we can call Andrew Menaker’s Video Package for short) is Dr. Andrew Menaker. He is a clinical psychologist (Ph.D. in clinical psychology, masters degree in experimental research psychology with an emphasis in sports psychology and performance enhancement).


Since 1995, he has worked as a psychological counselor and coach for financial professionals and institutional traders. Andrew trades in a variety of markets, his favored instrument being the S&P 500 e-mini and other index futures. Andrew’s skills as a consultant and coach are in high demand.


With Andrew Menaker’s Video Package, you will be able to take advantage of Dr. Andrew Menaker’s knowledge, skills, and experience in trading. No matter when it comes to your learning now or in the future, this video series will be highly practical and supportive.

Course outline

With Andrew Menaker’s Video Package, you’ll learn exactly how to trade, which includes:

  • Video 1: Acting in your own Best Interest.
  • An edited presentation to a group of traders in Las Vegas in April 2010. Andrew draws from his personal experience as a trader and professional experience working with traders to show what works and what doesn’t work in trading psychology.
  • Video 2: The Search for Perfection and the Need for Precision.
  • This Video addresses how a strong need for perfectionism can negatively impact a trader. Learn practical techniques for overcoming this issue.
  • Video 3: Performance Anxiety.
  • All traders experience performance anxiety. Andrew discusses the differences between independent trading and OPM (Other People’s Money).
  • Video 4: Tools for Managing Fear and Greed – Gratitude and Humility.
  • Gratitude and mindfulness are powerful tools to help you manage ego and emotions.
  • Bonus Video: Develop Your Mental Edge by Dr. Andrew Menaker.

What will you learn?

The Andrew Menaker’s Video Package will allow you to reach these significant values:

  • The trainer’s own trading experience
  • His professional background includes interacting with traders.
  • His viewpoint on the attitude of having a great drive for perfection might have a detrimental influence on a trader.
  • Practical methods for overcoming perfectionism in trading
  • The distinctions between OPM and independent trading (Other People’s Money)

Who is this course for?

The Andrew Menaker’s Video Package is intended for the following audiences:

  • Those who need the trading reference from experienced traders
  • Those who need trading courses based on personal viewpoints rather than principles.
  • Those who want to control their own self-over perfectionism in trading.


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