5 Technical Signals You Should Not Trade Without (4 CDs) – Toni Hansen

5 Technical Signals You Should Not Trade Without (4 CDs) – Toni Hansen reveals the five most powerful tools he relies on every day in order to calculate the odds on each and every trade that he personally takes.

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Toni Hansen
MS Technical Analysis

Course overview

5 Technical Signals You Should Not Trade Without (4 CDs) – Toni Hansen shares with you 5 powerful signals that have stood the test of time in all market conditions and they are as accurate as ever in today’s volatile market.

This course is designed for Technical Analysis and any market you trade in.

Course Outline

  • CD1
  • CD2
  • CD3
  • CD4
  • PDF File: Chart Patterns


What will you learn?

  • How to identify which patterns and trends are going to form in the market before they even begin.
  • How to generate 3 to 8 times more profit from a position as compared to those trading the typical pattern setups, such as the Head & Shoulders pattern or bear flag that are taught online and in most books on technical analysis.
  • How to set a target on a position before you even enter a trade that will not only hit but hold within a few cents or ticks!
  • How to determine which positions to jump into before a pattern triggers, allowing you to enter before a momentum move even begins!
  • How to immediately discern the probability for success in each and every position you take.
  • How to choose positions that will generate AT LEAST 4 to 1 reward as compared to your initial risk.
  • And much more…

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who are confused and overwhelmed by the vast array of trading strategies presented.



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