Trading123 – Fully Automated Trading System

The full autotrader handbook, titled Fully Automated Trading System by Trading123, serves as step-by-step instructions for using the application. As a result, you enter the trend and catch 70 to 88% of the crucial move.

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MS Algorithmic Trading

Course overview

The Trading123 autotrader is a completely algorithmic trading method that trades every market in the globe. It is programmed to detect the trend. All trades are managed, entered, and exited automatically by the Trading123 AutoTrader. It places trades on trend reversals, either long or short, and is more accurate than any human trader. The Trading123 will help you get into the trend and capture 70 to 88% of the key move. The comprehensive autotrader manual – which is called Fully Automated Trading System by Trading123 – acts as step-by-step tutorials on how to use the program.

Course outline

Detailed content of the Fully Automated Trading System by Trading123 includes the following modules:

  • Trading123-auto entry, auto stops, profit targets, trailing stop and breakeven.
  • Trading123 allows for emotion free trading, emotions are the biggest reason traders fail.
  • Trading123 provides for stress free trading, never miss or second guess a trade.
  • Trading123-No restrictions in trading times, contracts, shares or profits.
  • Trade with Renko charts which provide a smoother and longer trend, larger profits.
  • Works with all major brokerage accounts, list can be found in autotrader manual.
  • Bonus:
    • #1 Trading the Gaps & Handles Manual, be able to predict where the price is going.
    • #2 Crude Oil Road Map Manual – Learn how the crude oil market works each day.
    • #3 Secrets of Crude Oil Video – Learn how the price ladder moves price action.

What will you learn?

With the Fully Automated Trading System by Trading123, you can achieve these significant values:

  • Manual and automated trading is supported for spot, intraday, forwards, and futures markets.
  • Trade at the best possible price with rapid automatic execution (milliseconds)
  • Position closure, flexibility marketing, and gas arbitrage algorithms that work right out of the box
  • The logic behind the algorithm’s behavior is fully visible.
  • Trade all items in all price ranges at the same time.
  • Directly from your Joule screen, you may examine and control algorithms (positions, view and modify parameters, and so on).

Who is this course for?

The Fully Automated Trading System by Trading123 is designed for:

    • Those who want to achieve better trading experience.
    • Those who want to get a smoother and longer trend, larger profits.
    • Those who want to learn how the price ladder moves price action.


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