Creating an Algorithmic Trading System – Kevin Davey

Creating an Algorithmic Trading System reduces your time of getting confused in algorithmic trading and cuts the learning curve short by several years.

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MS Algorithmic Trading

Course overview

Creating an Algorithmic Trading System promises no other place having a more appropriate instructor and better teach manners than Kevin Daven’s. This course lays the most basic foundation of an algorithmic trading system: a set of rules.

By understanding the market and the corresponding technologies within Creating an Algorithmic Trading System, learners can start to find the most optimal set of rules and build an entire algorithmic trading system upon it. Everything will be guided step-by-step, going from just a concept until to having something carefully tested and optimized with various instruments to even consider putting it in operation. With Creating an Algorithmic Trading System, you will soon be capable of successfully constructing your own algorithmic trading system from the ground up, only dedication is needed.


Course outline

  • Create an algorithmic trading system video

What will you learn?

  • Understand the composition and the proper construction for your algorithmic trading system from the group up
  • A set of rules to regulate your trade selections
  • How to decide on buying and selling
  • Guidelines on position sizing
  • Methods of developing algorithms
  • Step-by-step trading procedures of the author himself
  • Analyzing a trading concept, including building associated strategies, testing it, and assessing it in an actual trading environment to decide whether it would be successfully carried out

Who is this course for?

Algorithmic trading is definitely tough for traders without a dedicated background and years of learning. To start taking on Creating an Algorithmic Trading System by Kevin Davey, learners are required to reach the advanced level with the following skills and knowledge:

  • High-level math and statistics
  • Programming
  • Understanding of how a trading platform is built and operated
  • Mental discipline
  • Ability to deal with frustration


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