Forex Time Machine – Bill Poulos

Forex Profit Accelerator covered four different trading strategies, while Forex Time Machine has some new features altogether.

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Bill Poulos, Profits Run
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Course Overview

Extremely easy and quick to apply compared to many other day trading courses on offer, Forex Time Machine will fill a gap in the training market. Forex Time Machine will be ideal for those traders who want to invest a limited amount in their first trading account and have a quick, easy to understand and implement, single strategy method of day trading.

No need to risk a lot of money in today’s turbulent markets. While stocks continue to tumble and businesses go bankrupt, foreign currency trading, especially forex day trading, can be profitable, whichever way the currencies swing – as long as you have a reliable, proven strategy, and you stick to your ‘rules’.

The Forex Time Machine is ideal for the trader prepared to risk only a small amount at any time – with as little as $400 in a trading account. That’s pretty low risk for any forex investor!

Course Outline

  • Breakout Method – Trading Rules Blueprint
  • Momentum Method – Trading Rules Blueprint
  • Spring Method – Trading Rules Method

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how I analyze the forex markets across many pairings using an effective trading technique that can be altered depending on how much spare time you have.
  • Learn forex trading techniques that can assist you in accumulating cash.
  • How to Interpret Forex Price Action (trends, ranges & structure)
  • Recognize the reasonable expectations of being a trader.
  • Find more about my high-probability forex candlestick patterns.
  • How to Use a Broker to Place Trades
  • How to Configure a Charting Platform (tradingview)
  • Learn how moving averages function and how to create support and resistance zones.
  • How to Determine Trend Direction (bull, bear or range)
  • Backtesting a Strategy
  • Discover how news might affect your trading.

Who Is This Course For?

  • This course is ideal for anybody wishing to augment their income through FOREX trading.
  • This course teaches you how to trade while working a full-time job.
  • This course is appropriate for both beginning and intermediate traders.

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