Trading with Oscillators. Pinpointing Market Extremes – Mark Etzkorn

This book delves deep into the past, to chart how old investor trends developed and assess how new patterns might emerge.

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Course Overview

Tomorrow’s Gold: Asia’s Age of Discovery, written by renowned investment adviser Marc Faber, attempts to discover the outperforming asset classes of the future. The book analyzes the past, spots the trends, and tries to describe how new trends may develop in the future.


Course Outline

  • Chapter 1 – A world of change
  • Chapter 2 – Major future investment themes
  • Chapter 3 – A caution about high-return investment expectations
  • Chapter 4 – Another warning to emerging market investors!
  • Chapter 5 – The life cycle of emerging markets
  • Phase Zero
  • Phase one – The spark
  • Phase two – The recovery cycle
  • Phase three – The boom
  • Phase four – Down Cycle Doubts
  • Phase five – Realization
  • Phase six – Capitulation and bottom
  • Chapter 6 – Business cycles – Alive and well!
  • Chapter 7 – Long waves in economic conditions
  • Chapter 8 – New eras, manias and bubbles
  • Chapter 9 – Opportunities in Asia
  • Chapter 10 – The economics of inflation
  • Chapter 11 – The rise and fall of centers of prosperity
  • Chapter 12 – Why the US is unlikely to provide the next leadership
  • Chapter 13 – Asia in transition


What Will You Learn?

  • How to balance his assets to avoid being caught in declining countries/industries
  • Learn emerging markets and go through seven phases of the life cycle
  • Knowledge about political, economic conditions, stocks, credit growth, etc


Who Is This Course For?

Tomorrow’s Gold. Asia’s Age of Discovery is for anyone who invests in the equities market.



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