Simple Trading Plan 2 – Loaded Gun by the Disciplined Trader – Norman Hallett

This course provides you with a clear, simple enter and exit trading plan that puts an end to your suffering from expensive mental/emotional trade mistakes.

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Course overview

Simple Trading Plan 2 – Loaded Gun by the Disciplined Trader – Norman Hallett is the solution to your frustrating trading journey if all you need now is a trading plan that does wonders.

Trading plans can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. But without a plan to stick to, you risk expensive mental/emotional trade errors. Simple Trading Plan 2 fits on one sheet of paper and is among the easiest-to-follow but most rewarding trading plans.

This course is designed for Stocking Trading, Forex Trading, and Futures Trading.

Course Outline

  • The Complete Plan
  • Total Explanation of the LOADED GUN STP
  • All the NUANCE Videos (7 Videos)
  • All Future NUANCES

What will you learn?

3 fantastic trading plans (including exact entry rules, exit rules, and risk management rules).

  • Simple Trading Plan 1: Big Move Potential – how to get you near the bottom of a bullish trade and near the top of a bearish trade.
  • Simple Trading Plan 2: The Continuation Plan – how to take advantage of an established trend.
  • Simple Trading Plan 3: The Extremes Plan – how to put the extra ‘fluff’ in your pocket when markets get overbought and oversold all the time.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any trader frustrated with losing money in trading stocks, Forex, or Futures and looking for simple but rewarding trading plans for continuous profitability.



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